Family Members of Temporary Foreign Workers Will Now Have Access to Work Permits
The Canadian government has announced that beginning in January 2023, temporary foreign workers’ family members will be eligible for work permits. Prior to this, only spouses of the principal applicant in the high-skill occupation group were eligible for a work permit. Working-age children will now be able to work through this phased approach. Acco
Longer Family Medicine Residency Training in The Works
The beginning of this year saw the release of The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) report: Preparing our Future Family Physicians: An educational prescription for strengthening health care in changing times. The report has since received significant attention to one of the recommendations outlined in the release - plans to extend
BC Family Doctors Get Pay Rise under New Payment Model
British Columbia has struggled with an ongoing doctor shortage, with an estimated one million British Columbians without a family doctor. This is now being addressed through several initiatives, including a pay increase, meant to help support primary care physicians with costs associated with running a practice. The British Columbia provincial gove
Why Physicians Should Maintain their Hobbies
Doctors often talk about wanting a good work/life balance, but this can be harder to achieve, especially in the early years of practicing medicine. Hobbies and extracurricular activities can help, and they can also go a long way to alleviating fatigue and overcoming physician burnout. In the demanding world of healthcare it can be challenging for p
Healthcare Worker Shortage – A Global Concern
According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health: Workforce 2030 report, healthcare workforce shortages of up to 18 million are expected by 2030. This is predicted to be highest among upper middle-income countries, driven by economic growth, population growth and population aging.  In 2019, th
Pri-Med Toronto is on Now!
The Physicians for You team is on location at the May 2022 Pri-Med Conference and Trade Show happening right now in Toronto, Ontario. The International Conference Centre in Mississauga, where Prime-Med is hosted, is buzzing with excitement after a two year hiatus due to Covid-19. Prime-Med is one of the largest medical education providers in Canada
New Guide Helps Family Physicians Caring for Canada’s Veterans
Veterans represent almost one in 30 of the adult population in Canada. The population of living Veterans in Canada is approximately 629,300.  When transitioning to life after service, family physicians are vitally important for Veterans. Best Advice Guide: Caring for Veterans is a The College of Family Physicians of Canada™ (CFPC) collabo
WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Therapeutics Trial
The World Health Organisation COVID-19 Solidarity Therapeutics Trial is an unprecedented international collaboration to identify life-saving treatments for COVID-19. Fifty-two countries, including Canada, are participating in this global research on coronavirus disease, with 2,000 researchers, 600 hospitals, and 14,200 randomized hospitalized patie
12 Notable Statistics of Physicians in Canada (Quick Facts)
The Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) reported that in 2015, there were more than 82,000 physicians in Canada.In 2015, the average physician age was 50 years, and approximately 60% were male, and 40% female.In the span of 5 years, the CIHI 2020 report indicated that the number of physicians increased to 92,173 in Canada, with the prop
Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) Service Launch Requirements and How to Apply
The much anticipated phase 2 of the new service dedicated to awarding the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) was launched last week on January 20th, 2022. Candidates meeting the established criteria are now able to submit and complete an LMCC service request via their account. Once their eligibility has
International Doctors Looking to Work in Canada: Licensing & Procedure
If you're a medical professional from another country considering finding a job and establishing your medical practice in Canada, you may be wondering whether you'll be able to work as a doctor here. The following article contains information to assist you in understanding how to get started working in Canada. You can visit our job board, if you ar
7 Strategies for Building & Maintaining a Resilient Healthcare Team
Having resilient healthcare teams is essential for the immediate and long-term success of healthcare organizations. Resiliency is crucial and challenging now, considering the current pandemic, financial constraints, rapidly changing technology, and fluctuations within healthcare delivery systems. Even typically resilient workers are emotionally, ph
Obtaining a Medical Practice Licence in Canada
Canada is a sizable country that is composed of 10 provinces and three territories. Each province has a certain autonomy and responsibility for social programs including health care and education, yet all abide by federal and national rules and regulations as well. This is also the case for obtaining a medical licence to practice anywhere in Canada
Virtual Interview Preparation Tips for Physicians
International physicians applying for roles in Canada can always typically expect to attend at least an initial phone interview. Due to the pandemic, we have now seen a significant increase in virtual interviews for both national and international candidates, residents, and even medical school applicants.  Most healthcare facilities now conduc
MCCQE Part II Exam Ceases & LMCC Developments
Covid 19 has had an effect on all aspects of medical practice in Canada, including the ultimate termination of a required Canadian medical licencing exam. Challenges facing the delivery of the exam began the previous year due to the pandemic, but have ultimately resulted in a re-assessment of the necessity of the exam, licencing policies, and
Physician Recruiter in Canada Helping Doctors Find Jobs - Press Release
 Offering tailored recruitment services, Physicians For You is catering to the healthcare industry’s staffing needs, featuring opportunities for both Canadian and international family physicians and specialists. The recruitment process is complemented with expert support, advice, and guidance that is available every step of the way.  Phys
MCCQE Part II Exam Now Offered Virtually!
Fantastic news! The Medical Council of Canada is changing to a virtual exam delivery for the MCCQE Part II, to begin in May 2021. The MCC plans to offer the exam over 20 days including weekdays and weekends in May and June 2021. At this time, they will not be accepting new applications for the May/June 2021 session of the Medical Council of Canada
Dr. Ann Collins – President of the Canadian Medical Association
The Canadian Medical Association has a wonderful series called Physician Changemakers, which features physicians around Canada, and highlights their unique story. This feature is all about Dr. Ann Collins, who has recently taken on the presidency of the CMA after serving on the board of directors for seven years. Follow her story in the articl
Canada Ranks #1 for Quality of Life Again!
Canada has ranked #1 in the world for quality of life for the 4th year in a row and we cannot be more proud.  Countries were ranked on nine metrics: affordable, a good job market, economically stable, family friendly, income equality, politically stable, safe, well-developed public education system and well-developed public health system.
Searching for the Best Healthcare Jobs in Canada?
Always loved the idea of living and working in Canada? One of the great things about being a qualified Physician is your services are in-demand all over the world. That’s never been truer than in the current climate. Physicians for You has been continuing to operate during this time to help people find healthcare jobs in Canada. Whether you’re inte