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The personal experience of a UK Physician who made the move to Canada to live/work


Starting a new job is daunting for anyone. Starting a new medical job can be more overwhelming as much depends on the new role beyond a mere posting being filled, now take that job and put it in another country and you are faced with a situation comparable with reaching the peak of Mount Everest. In short something that can be un-mountable or sur-passable. 

These were my exact feelings,  I had worked in a health system in the UK which was in terms of training a world leader, yet in terms of job satisfaction and recognition by the government for the role we undertook, straggling behind the rest of the western world to be frank. Colleagues were dropping like flies, while they sought a better life and jobs overseas. Many went to sunny Australia, which for British doctors was a classical destination filled with sun, well paid and a good work life balance with a system that recognizes and respects the medical profession. 

I saw the appeal yet the distance from family just seemed to far. It is at this point that Physicians for You appeared from out of the woodwork, from a simple google search. Immediately, they connected with me after my first enquiry and from then on stood as my guide through what would have otherwise been quite an arduous and complicated journey. Canada had all the appeal, better quality of life, a higher earning, a society and a system that respected the medical profession. Canada seemed like (and still is) a country whose governments are not trying to strip the flesh off the bones from its doctors to get every last penny (cent) worth for the money it pays them. Hard work is rewarded and patients pay gratitude for the quality of care they are provided. 

Physicians for You were the ones who were able to open my eyes to the opportunities in a transparent and factual way. They never misled me nor built up any false expectations of the jobs or the communities. They gave direction both for professional matters but even from personal experience being immigrants themselves and now all living in beautiful British Columbia. The process although long is quite systematic as long as you have the know how, and Physicians for You certainly has the "know how". 

I thank you Phil and Physicians for You for getting me here and I owe some of my success for the great placement. I have now established in 4 years of arriving in Calgary, Canada. I have been able to expand my interests and teach at the faculty of family medicine and also I am involved with other medical business opportunities. What we achieve and make of any situation is down to us but having a helping hand goes a long way. Thank you Phil and your team for all your work in making a difference to my future. 


Dr Sanjeeve Sockanathan 

Family Physician & Director
Clinical Lecturer, University of Calgary School of Medicine and Faculty of Family Medicine
Board of Directors, Foothills PCN

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