Physicians for You provides a non-transactional service for Physicians seeking practice opportunities throughout Canada. We are committed to providing our Physician candidates a very high level of professional service, guidance, knowledge, and expertise at no cost to you. Our fee is received from the many Clients we work with across Canada and is only paid on completion of a successful placement.

Physician recruitment in Canada is considered to be long cycle recruitment, further complicated with varying and ever-changing licensing rules and regulations as set forth by both National and Provincial regulatory bodies. Physicians for You works to make sure we have all the latest information to provide to you with fully mapped out procedures and processes for your convenience.

We work closely with many clinics, hospitals and health authorities across Canada ensuring that we thoroughly understand the market, what is available, the locations, roles, requirements and all the various intricacies to allow us to help you in the best possible way. We are not a CV referral service; we actually get to know our Physicians and Clients and work to suitably match both party’s expectations.

Physicians for You takes all measures to become as fluent as possible with all aspects of the licensure and recruitment process. This added level of knowledge and expertise is what allows us to provide top quality service to all our Physician candidates and our Clients.

By choosing to work with Physicians for You, you will receive our FULL assistance and access to all our opportunities, licensure and registration information, step - by - step guidance, and advice. We also work with immigration and finance experts with years of experience who can provide extra assistance and services should it be required. We are truly here to help with it all.

The above is our commitment to you. In exchange, our ask and expectation of Physicians who choose to work with Physicians for You and trust in our service is to provide the following:

  1. Exclusivity throughout the process, and for at least 4 months during the interviews stage to connect you with practice opportunities which align with your expectations, as expressed to us.
  2. That you follow through and complete the necessary steps required for you to practice in Canada within a reasonable period of time, as identified through our communications. Throughout this time, you will benefit from receiving our knowledge, guidance and direction free of charge. We will always work with your timelines and respect your wishes.
  3. That you allow Physicians for You to represent you with our Clients directly and that initial communications flow through Physicians for You and not direct with our Clients. Doing so cuts us out of the process meaning we are unable to charge our fee, and get paid, for all the time and work we will have put in assisting you throughout the process.

We are committed to providing unparalleled value with our services to our Physician candidates. Our goal is to make the process as easy as it can be for you, so you efficiently and effectively secure a suitable practice opportunity in the right location. We respect your work and your time. We expect the same from you for benefitting from our services. Physicians for You always has your best interest in mind. We ask that by signing this Agreement, that you will match our commitment to you, with a commitment to us.

Our Commitment Agreement

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