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Hello my name is Andy Whitaker, I am originally from Southampton (UK) and currently based in London. Before I moved to London, I was fortunate enough to travel the world and experience all there is to offer. In my youth I have found London fulfilled all of my needs, it truly is a great city. However as the years have passed I found my goals and requirements have changed along with my increased concerns about pollution and congestion and the effects it has upon my health.

Like so many I have been searching for that perfect new location that offers the very best lifestyle for my future family. A place not too far away from my friends and family, with the perfect work / life balance, and in easy reach to all the activities offered from top cities, but with surrounding lakes and mountains. A few years ago I found a fantastic independent website from HSBC: which over the years has confirmed my opinion that Canada is the best country to spend the rest of my years, as life really is so very short and precious. I know the decisions I make today have a far greater importance than I can ever imagine.

I have been a lifelong school friend of Phil, and over the last 30 years have been in awe of both his energy and drive. It really was a great personal loss to me when Phil relocated to Canada almost 10 years ago. However I know changes can be perceived as negative or positive by our following actions and so I have chosen to take the necessary steps to join Physicians for You and benefit from the opportunity of relocating to Canada, enjoying a far superior lifestyle in a friendly country with skiing winters and beach & lake summers. I love working for Physicians for You, it is great to be a part of something fantastic and life changing for myself and every Physician that I am able to help and assist.

My work background entails 15 years of sales, managing, training and coaching. I have been a 360 recruiter in the UK but my passion has always been recruiting Physicians for Canada. I have visited Toronto, Vancouver and had a wonderful road trip across the Rockies through Banff, Lake Louise and on to Calgary I’m yet to find a place in Canada where I wouldn’t live and love. I have a very exciting future ahead in Canada and with Physicians for You, and its true what they say the first step is indeed the hardest, but I believe it is the best decision l have ever made, aside from marrying my wonderful and equally well travelled and very supportive wife Mim.

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