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Hello my name is Andy Whitaker, I am originally from Southampton (UK) and currently based in London. Before I moved to London, I was fortunate enough to travel the world and experience all there is to offer. In my youth I have found London fulfilled all of my needs, it truly is a great city. However as the years have passed I found my goals and requirements have changed along with my increased concerns about pollution and congestion and the effects it has upon my health.

Like so many I have been searching for that perfect new location that offers the very best lifestyle for my future family. A place not too far away from my friends and family, with the perfect work / life balance, and in easy reach to all the activities offered from top cities, but with surrounding lakes and mountains. A few years ago I found a fantastic independent website from HSBC: https://www.expatexplorer.hsbc.com/survey which over the years has confirmed my opinion that Canada is the best country to spend the rest of my years, as life really is so very short and precious. I know the decisions I make today have a far greater importance than I can ever imagine.

I have been a lifelong school friend of Phil, and over the last 30 years have been in awe of both his energy and drive. It really was a great personal loss to me when Phil relocated to Canada almost 10 years ago. However I know changes can be perceived as negative or positive by our following actions and so I have chosen to take the necessary steps to join Physicians for You and benefit from the opportunity of relocating to Canada, enjoying a far superior lifestyle in a friendly country with skiing winters and beach & lake summers. I love working for Physicians for You, it is great to be a part of something fantastic and life changing for myself and every Physician that I am able to help and assist.

My work background entails 15 years of sales, managing, training and coaching. I have been a 360 recruiter in the UK but my passion has always been recruiting Physicians for Canada. I have visited Toronto, Vancouver and had a wonderful road trip across the Rockies through Banff, Lake Louise and on to Calgary I’m yet to find a place in Canada where I wouldn’t live and love. I have a very exciting future ahead in Canada and with Physicians for You, and its true what they say the first step is indeed the hardest, but I believe it is the best decision l have ever made, aside from marrying my wonderful and equally well travelled and very supportive wife Mim.

My experience working with healthcare providers and doctors has been very rewarding, and I love the opportunities it presents to both. On one had we are helping medical facilities gain access to much needed qualified physicians, and the other hand we are helping doctors access the jobs they are looking for, and assisting with the sometimes daunting processes that can come with that. I love working with a company that puts a strong emphasis on business integrity and excellent service.

If you would like to learn more about the level of service our team is dedicated to, please have a look at our Reviews and Client References from clinics and physicians we have happily assisted over the years.

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